Gramolab – organic compounds up to multigram scale

Gramolab is division of Department of Organic Chemistry University of Palacky, which offer its own chemical substances on commercial base or is ready to prepare chemicals on base of custom synthesis. Our equipment enables to prepare compounds of various character, isolate any compound from a mixture, identify or characterize any organic compound.

Gramolab is managed by university staffs, who have experiences in leading of research groups. We collaborate with specialized departments to offer high quality services in synthesis, isolation, analyses and biological testing.

In past we successfully collaborated with companies such as Farmak, a.s., Alliachem, a.s., Bayer Gmbh.; DuPont Gmbh., etc.



What we offer


  • Intermediates for chemical synthesis in amount of 100 – 102 g
  • Chemical compounds for biological screening in amount of 100 – 102 mg
  • Kits for self-biotinylation of carboxylic acids and amines


  • Isolation and structure determination of organic compounds
  • Custom synthesis
  • Spectral and separation analyses
  • Extraction, lyophilization, destilation


  • Determination and structure elucidation of impurities
  • Pharmacokinetic assays
  • Fluorescence properties of various compounds
  • UV/VIS profile of compounds at various temperatures
  • Tm of nucleic acids
  • DNA/RNA/LNA synthesis
  • Chemical distribution of materials in heterogeneous samples
  • Thin layers analyses
  • Biotinylation of organic compounds for affinity chromatography
  • Small particles identification


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